X-Crafts | New Major Update: ERJ Family v1.3.20 (2024)

New update is here once again! You can now pop-out the FMS and checklist into a separate window out of the X-Plane window, automatic new update checking,new updated sounds, newchronometer/clock and loads of other new features and fixes. Check them all out below!



Option 1(safer): Redownload from the store

You can simply downlod the package from the store and install it. That one will already not contain any excess folders.

Option 2(quicker): Use the SkunkCrafts Updater

You will need the latest version of the SkunkCrafts updater or you might have some problem with the add-ons.

Bellow are the instructions. You can find full instructions on how to use the updater here.

  1. Open the default Cessna in X-Plane
  2. Install and open the latest version of theSkunkCrafts Updater. Make sure that the plane that you want to update is unlocked (Green open lock icon). If it is locked, it means we are uploading the files and you simply have to come back later and update once you see the unlocked icon.
  3. If you see an update is available, click on theUpdate/repair everything button.
  4. Wait for the updater to download and install all files until you see the Update successfull message.
  5. If needed, re-enter your activation code.
  6. Reload aircraft and go to fly!


After you've updated to v1.3.20 you can safely manually delete the following folders:

  • Custom Avionics
  • Documents, Links and Demo Flight
  • plugins/sasl

In plugins... DO **NOT** DELETE:

  • ERJ_Functions

NOTE: Any files you've changed in the aircraft will be REPAIRED. So if there's something you want to preserve, make a backup.


ERJ Family Release notes v1.3.20


  • Automatic Update notification. The installed version is shown on the settings menu and a popup is presented when the aircraft loads so that users are automatically notified of available updates(personally my favourite new feature!).

X-Crafts | New Major Update: ERJ Family v1.3.20 (2)

  • Converted all scripting from SASL2 to SASL3.
  • FMS and Checklist now pop out.
  • Altered AviTablet access so that it is always available, even if the AviTab plugin is not installed. This permits access to the radio selection and volume controls.
  • Restored full height detection zone for side popup tabs to correct an access issue caused by resizing the X-Plane window. The tabs will disappear if the user mouses to the left of the X-Plane window.
  • VR configuration files tweaked, added “hundreds” functionality to VR autopilot altitude setting knob. Other adjustments for sensitivity. Engine and APU starter knobs not quite right just yet – known issue and in work.
  • Revised locations of our manuals and demo flight. These are now in the Manuals and Demo Flight folders – to make them a bit easier to find.
  • Re-introduced tail.txt files for liveries so that the FMS would have the right call sign.


  • Completely replaced all chronometer logic so that the chronometer now functions exactly like the real thing.
  • Revised the Standby Attitude Indicator to reflect the real thing.
  • GSPD/TTG/ET indicator on the PFD revised. The lower right section of the PFD now shows Ground Speed, Time To Go, or Elapsed Time.
  • Updated graphics for standby attitude indicator and standby compass.

FMS / Autoflight

  • Fixed vertical mode changes from FLC to SPD or VS so that the functions now work correctly when changed.
  • Fixed FLC mode so that descents are possible once again.
  • Fixed reselection of the arrival airport and/or procedures so that this functions as intended. This was broken in a recent revision.
  • Fixed CTD when certain waypoints were used to enter airway selection.
  • When an X-Plane 11 formatted FMS flight plan file is loaded, if there are airport waypoints at each end, they are automatically removed. This permits use of SimBrief flight plans more easily as long as the X-Plane 11 format is used.
  • Revised PAYLOAD data entry. Entry of payload weight on PERF1 now reflects the total payload weight added - including passenger weight. The passenger count can still be entered, but no longer affects calculations.
  • Payload and fuel weight revised as well so that they can now be entered and limited correctly to prevent overloading the aircraft.
  • Warning messages added to TOD display (top of descent) on PROGRESS 1 to ensure sufficient flight plan data has been entered to support TOD calculation. INOP-NO DEP, INOP-NO ARR and INOP-DEP/ARR.
  • Fixed wind calculations on PERF2.
  • Fixed "Recommended VS" popup.

Aircraft / Objects

  • Fixed all lights external lights so that they have a more focused beam of light and that they don’t shine through the geometry of the plane.
  • Fixed overlapping manipulators for ALT knob on the AP panel.
  • Yoke animation realism enhancement- the yoke movement is also affected by the APnow as on the real aircraft
  • The radios, clocks, MSTR Buttons, and the X-Plane FMS are now dependant on bus voltage instead of battery switch position.
  • Changed “Terrain Radar Not Installed” alert messaging so that users can choose to not install the Terrain Radar. These warnings are now present only if the plugin is not installed and the user selects either TERR or VSD on the DCU.
  • APU on EICAS is now correctly showing OFF in green text when the APU is off.
  • Added a rotation animation to the alternate radio frequency knob at the back of the pedestal.
  • Fixed the copilot's CRS2 knob so that it functions with the currently selected NAV guidance source, just like the pilot's side.
  • The Pilots are notbe visible anymore when you have to activate the aircraft
  • The Ottopilot (easter Egg) is not again visible aslo in the co*ckpit view


  • co*ckpit rattle reduced volume and audible only later in the takeoff roll.
  • All aural warnings replaced.
  • Cabin Announcements added. Activated/deactivated on ERJ Settings menu.

X-Crafts | New Major Update: ERJ Family v1.3.20 (3)


If you bought any one of the ERJ jets for X-Plane, you can then get the rest of the ERJ Family for only the price difference: $40. With your original purchase, you will receive a unique discount code that you can use to apply the discount when buying the full ERJ Family. You can find this unique discount code next to the activation code in your order in the store.

We at X-Crafts always treat everyone fairly and equally! So if you are not committed yet to buy the whole Family, or if you’ve already got one jet but would like the rest of them, we make it a simple decision!

Btw, did you also know that there are 25 easter eggs in the ERJs?😉

X-Crafts | New Major Update: ERJ Family v1.3.20 (6)

X-Crafts | New Major Update: ERJ Family v1.3.20 (2024)


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