Equestria Ninja Girls: Brand New Animal (2024)

Some time after Nina had moved in with the Gang, Danyelle had let slip that it was Michiru’s birthday thus Pinkie had freaked out and ran off like a speeding train to get the party supplies.

“Stars above, I’m such an idiot.” Danyelle facepalmed.

“You may be an idiot Dany, but you’re my idiot.” James chuckled before the two adult beastmen tussled while Selene was playing with Gemma.

Michiru was thinking about her parents as Mikey noticed that. “You okay Michiru?”

“I miss my parents.” Danyelle sighed.

“That reminds me! My sister should be arriving soon!” Danyelle remember before a knock was heard on the front door right after she said that. “That must be Kilala now.”

Twilight goes to open the door before finding not just a two-tailed beastwoman known as Kilala but a pair of older tanuki Beastmen, one male and one female.

"Que?” Zeelo noticed.

“There’s three Beastmen here! Two tanuki and a cat!” Twilight counted.

“I’m a demonic cat beastman, nekomata to be precise.” Kilala pointed out.

“What? But demonic beastmen are extinct.” James said in confusion.

"I just turned, so I was just as shocked when I became a nekomata beastman of all things even though my idiot of a sister didn’t know." Kilala quipped.

"Hey!” Danyelle pouted.

"No offense to the unicorn of the group but hay’s for horse beastmen." Kilala giggled.

“Eh, none taken. Different than usual, but none taken.” Sunset shrugged.

"I heard that it was someone’s birthday today so I brought in a very special gift, one that will guarantee that the birthday girl will cry about." Kilala said before Pinkie popped up in front of the nekomata.

"Like what?” Pinkie asked before Kilala yowled as she jumped right onto the ceiling with fur standing on end with her hissing.

"Now who’s the scaredy cat, eh sis?" Danyelle giggled.

"Oh go cough up a hairball Danyelle!" Kilala growled.

“Don’t mind Pinkster, she’s totally random.” Mikey smiled as Kilala cleared her throught.

"Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I brought a special gift with me. And where is the birthday girl anyway? I want to talk to her.” Kilala said.

"And why are you asking that?” Raph skeptically asked.

“You wouldn't deny a reunion between a girl and her parents would you?” The female tanuki beastman pointed out.

“I'm sorry, WHAT?!” Raph gasped.

“My husband and I turned a while but given the racism that beastmen face from the humans, we couldn’t stay where we were so we packed what we could and hightailed it out of our old home. Oh, I’m Irene Kagemori.” Mrs. Kagemori introduced herself as the mention of her last name had caused Michiru’s ears to perk up.

“QUE?!” Zeelo shouted as Kilala’s ears flattened.

“Watch the tone of voice will you? Demonic cat and demonic dog Beastmen have sensitive ears!” Kilala pointed out,

“Hey, don’t forget about me, Satoshi Kagemori.” Mr. Kagemori added as Michiru froze at that as well.

“What is going on here?” Danyelle asked.

“Family reunion.” Danyelle answered as Michiru slowly turned around before her expression became that of pure shock.

“Happy birthday sweetheart.” Irene smiled as Michiru was silent at that.

“What? No "Hi" to your parents?” Satoshi

Michiru felt tears threatening to burst from her eyes, but she didn’t care as she ran towards that while sobbing before she hugged them both with her gigantified arms. “MOM! DAD!”

“Forgetting someone else Michi?” A male voice chuckled as a male dark tabby cat beastman showed up.

“H-Huh?” Michiru asked while no one noticed Zeelo silently snarling with a bit of electricity crackling in his right fist after hearing what the cat said before Danyelle wingslapped Zeelo.

“Don't you remember the nickname you gave me?” The cat noted.

“Brambles? But I thought...” Michiru gasped.

“Hey, we're still friends, and friends looked out for each other.” Brambles said.

Michiru hugged the cat beastman with a smile before she looked at him with an apologetic expression. “Listen, Jacob... About what happened, I'm sorry that...”

“It’s okay, Michi. We're on good terms.” Jacob assured as he and Michiru hugged, with the tanuki glad that the cat isn't mad at her. “I never stopped thinking about you Michi. I still love you.”

Zeelo felt like he was about to completely lose it with electricity surging all over him but gave a sad sigh with the electricity dying down as he felt deep inside that getting angry wasn't gonna be worth it.

“Hey Michiru, didn’t you have a sister?” Danyelle asked.

“Oh yeah, Minako. Mom, dad, is Minako here?” Michiru added.

“Um… Thing is after you left, Minako went after you, but she hasn’t called yet since she said she would once she found you.” Irene nervously said.

“I think she’s gone missing.” Danyelle guessed.

“Knowing her, she’s not exactly the best with directions.” Michiru sighed before a loud boom was heard followed by a yowling cat before a blue haired hedgehog Beastman crashed into the side of the factory when it was suddenly gone.

“Huh, was that a running gag?” Pinkie joked as Mikey did a rimshot.

“Sounded like someone crashed into the side of the building while carrying Minako on their back.” Danyelle noted.

“Somehow, I’m feeling... the need for speed.” Rainbow Dash simply said.

“Is she always like that?” Jacob asked before Michiru was tackle-hugged by a cat beastwoman.

“Sis! I was so worried about you!” The cat beastwoman said.

“You okay, Michi?” Jacob chuckled.

“Minako and I used to tussle and compete all the time.” Michiru giggled.

“And what about Nazuna, huh?” Jacob asked.

“Um... I haven’t seen her since she became a beastman.” Michiru hesitantly answered.

“I’ve been hearing rumors of a cult that's managed by a creepy guy... And Nazuna’s part of it.” Danyelle wondered.

“Huh?” Michiru asked.

“It's just a rumor I heard. Oh, hello there Luna and Shirou.” Danyelle noticed.

"More headaches.” Shirou sighed in annoyance.

“That wasn’t a nice thing to say about my parents, my sister and my boyfriend though Shirou.” Michiru pointed out.

“Do you seriously expect me to see more humans becoming beastmen as good news?” Shirou scoffed before he was soon pinned against the wall by Kilala.

“Immortal or not, you shouldn’t underestimate a demonic beastman.” Kilala hissed before Shirou headbutt her, making the nekomata back off while letting him go.

“Are you sure it isn't the other way around?” Shirou quipped.

"Point taken.” Kilala winced before Danyelle pulls her sister's ear.

“Cool it sis, you shouldn’t anger Shirou when Luna is around or she'll go Nightmare Moon on your sorry tails.” Danyelle pointed out

"Fine.” Kilala groaned.

Minako noticed Zeelo, who was sitting away from the party. “Hey sis, I’m gonna check if he’s okay.”

“You go do that, I’m gonna catch up with Jacob.” Michiru said as Danyelle whispered into Luna’s ear about a little plan on setting Minako and Zeelo up on a date.

“Cool.” Minako smiled.

"Are you after my niece’s job?” Luna teased with a giggle

“By the Silver Wolf’s light, no. She isn’t here at the moment.” Danyelle giggled back before Michiru and Jacob headed off to the Beastman Co-op as Twilight spotted something glowing blue in the rubble of where a hole in the wall was made.

“Hey Twi, what is that you have there?” Leo asked as Twilight grabbed what seemed to be a blue hedgehog quill, but some kind of energy crackled around it.

“Omoshiroi.” Twilight noted in Japanese.

“It seems even more alien than those Kraang I heard rumors about...” Danyelle noted.

“Ooh! Let me see!” Mikey awed as he was about to lick the quill before it shocked him a bit.

"Turtle get zapped!" Selene giggled.

“And that’s the basic gist of it Melissa. My parents and sister need a place to stay.” Michiru explained.

“Well, since they’re your family, they’re more than welcome to stay here.” Melissa noted.

“Wherever Michiru is staying, I’m staying with her.” Jacob chuckled.

"Wow Jacob, you’re a total flirt!” Michiru blushed with a giggle.

“Only for you Michiru.” Jacob smiled as Melissa noticed that and giggled.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re dating.” Melissa added.

“Michiru and I have been childhood sweethearts. Despite the fact my dad hates Michiru’s dad.” Jacob chuckled when Michiru had a feeling that Jacob had a special gift for her as she smirked. “You sure you want your gift Michi?”

“Wait until we get to our room, tiger. You won’t believe what I'm capable of.” Michiru giggled with half-lidded eyes.

“I’m all yours tonight Michi.” Jacob accepted as the young couple went off.

Later that day back in the factory, Minako caught up with a sad Zeelo. “You okay dude?” Minako asked as Zeelo only sighed sadly before she slapped the electric eel on the back of the head. “Snap out of it will you? There are plenty of other females out there.”

Unfortunately, after Minako did that slap, Zeelo accidentally shocked Minako, making her fur and hair all frizzled and standing on end.

“Talk about shocking!” Danyelle snickered as she was fortunate that neither Minako or Zeelo heard her while she was perching on a spire from a distance.

“Um... Sorry about that.” Zeelo apologized.

“Can’t be no worse than the pranks my cousin used to pull on me.” Minako noted.

“Huh?” Zeelo asked in confusion.

“Yeah, her name’s Indigo Zap.” Minako nodded before Sunset ran past her, causing the cat beastwoman to trip and fall onto Zeelo, thus kissing him on the lips by accident. Minako and Zeelo backed away in shock while blushing.

“I-I'm so sorry!” Minako stammered in embarrassment as Danyelle was laughing her feathers off.

“Was that Sunset?” Zeelo noticed.

“Looks like it, but she seemed steamed.” Minako added.

“Ya know Zeelo, it’s also Minako’s birthday too.” Danyelle informed while nesting in her loft.

“Que?” Zeelo asked.

Y-Yeah, you missed the party.” Minako confirmed.

“And that was her first kiss though!” Danyelle laughed as that made Minako and Zeelo blush more.

“B-But it was accidental.” Zeelo pointed out.

“Um... The weird thing is... I... I actually liked it.” Minako shyly admitted.

“You know what most folks say, the first kiss is the most special. And if only Shirou would kiss Luna on the lips...” Danyelle wondered with a snicker before Luna appeared behind her.

“Don’t worry, I can handle that when I want to.” Luna giggled.

“Whoa! Still sneaky as ever.” Danyelle noted before she winced in pain since she was close to laying an egg.

"Need any help?” Luna noticed.

“I’ve handled it on my own once before, I’ll be fine.” Danyelle assured.

“Very well.” Luna said as she flew off.

"Um... Do you think we can... do it again?” Minako bashfully asked as that caught Zeelo off guard with a blush while Danyelle pushed out an egg before grabbing a towel to dry the shell off.

“I... I suppose so.” Zeelo answered before he and Minako kissed each other on the lips again as they embraced each other. There was even a small spark from Zeelo that made Minako flash her eyes open with her tail straightened out as she sighed giddily while disconnecting, making Zeelo chuckle.

"That hurt... But then again, this isn’t my first egg.” Danyelle noted as she gently embraced her egg to help it stay warm.

“Give that book back Sonata!” Sunset growled.

“Not a chance Bacon Hair!” Sonata laughed as the chase continued.

Later, back at the Beastman Co-op, it was midnight as Michiru and Jacob were in bed under covers with smiles.

"Thank you, Brambles, that was the best gift ever." Michiru said in happiness.

"You're welcome, now you belong to me and only me, Michi." Jacob responded, equally happy.

"Yeah, you're now mine and mine alone. I love you so much, Jacob." Michiru sighed, placing a hand on Jacob's cheek, with the cat placing a hand on her cheek back.

"And I love you just as much, Michiru." Jacob sighed back before the couple kissed each other on the lips while embracing each other as they moaned softly during the gentle make-out. They soon fell asleep in each other's arms with Michiru resting her head against her lover's chest, giving a small giggle as both of them smiled.

Equestria Ninja Girls: Brand New Animal (2024)


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