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It has been posited during this European Championship that life might be a bit easier for Gareth Southgate if he did not have such good players. If he managed a team, as with his early England, he could mould into more than the sum of its parts. Like Switzerland, perhaps.

But whatever burden of expectation they have teed-up, and whatever headaches his frighteningly talented, but underperforming crop of attackers have given him this summer, oh how England’s manager must be thankful for them now.

For Jude Bellingham in Gelsenkirchen, read Bukayo Saka in Dusseldorf, golden boy replaced by the star equivalent as saviour and elongater of the Southgate regime.

It was not quite so late, not quite so dramatic, nor even quite so brilliant, but still plenty enough of all three, the Arsenal forward’s stunning equaliser saving England from elimination by the Swiss ten minutes from the end of normal time.

And so then, inevitably, it was penalties, the occasion of Southgate’s landmark 100th game as England manager to be decided the same way as the most infamous of his 57 in the playing ranks.

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42 minutes ago

Semi-final clash confirmed...

The Netherlands have just beaten Turkey to book their place in the semi-final.

England will face the Dutch for a place in the Euro 2024 final, that match taking place on Wednesday night.

1 hour ago


Truly absurd from Ivan Toney.

All the pressure in the world, and he just strolls up and rolls it into the bottom corner, not looking at the ball once.

Would not even make contact with the ball if I tried that in a quarter-final shootout.

1 hour ago

Saka: We can change our lives

Bukayo Saka has been talking about the prospect of this England side making history.

The Three Lions have never won the European Championship - they are still in the hunt to break that duck.

“We know there's two more games until we change our lives and make some history that's never been made before,” Saka said at his press conference

“We're really focussed on that, we're going to enjoy tonight, watch the game to see who we're facing and be ready for that when it comes.”

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1 hour ago

Kane explains change before shootout

Harry Kane confirmed he will be fit for England’s Euro 2024 semi-final.

Kane had been quiet throughout this match and he came off early in the second period of extra time, replaced by Ivan Toney who went on to score from the spot.

That change after Kane was given a shove by Manuel Akanji and clattered into his manager Gareth Southgate, with the striker struggling to get up and immediately brought off. Speaking after the match, the England captain played down any injury fears.

“I’m fine, I was just tired,” Kane said.

“I had a bit of cramp there, I tripped over the water bottles and both my calves cramped up. The boss made a quick decision, with Ivan a proven penalty taker.

“He came on and did the job.”

More on that here!

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2 hours ago

Wimbledon delight!

Even the Wimbledon crowd couldn’t keep their discipline when news of this penalty shootout win came through...

2 hours ago

England player ratings

Bukayo Saka 9

Dragged England back into the game with a brilliant equaliser. Had Michel Aebischer on toast in the first half, justifying the decision to keep him on the right.

Pinned the Swiss wing-back in his own half and wriggled away from him repeatedly. Ended the debate about moving him to left-back and exorcised the ghost of his penalty miss at Euro 2020 with a cool finish in the shootout.

Harry Kane 4

Looked jaded and was peripheral. Fluffed his one sight at goal – a free header in the first half – and was well marshalled by Akanji.

Is he short of fitness or does he simply need runners beyond him?

Click here to read those in full!

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2 hours ago

Saka delivers for England

He dragged England into extra time, and then stepped up to convert from the penalty spot.

A sensational performance from Bukayo Saka, who has been named player of the match. Fully deserved.

2 hours ago

That winning moment!

Trent Alexander-Arnold only came on late in extra time.

But he was as confident as you like, smashed into the corner as Yann Sommer went the wrong way.

2 hours ago


Five penalties, five sensational penalties.

England so, so cool and they are into the semi-finals.

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England vs Switzerland: Euro 2024 reaction and result after penalties - LIVE! (2024)


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